More Good News!

We received a positive update from one of our November Urgent Actions.

Bernarda Pesoa has a message for all of us:  at this link.

In breif:
“In November, Paraguayan authorities opened an investigation and provided protection to Bernarda Pesoa, leader of an indigenous Qom community, after she was attacked in late October. Amnesty International will continue to monitor the situation closely as the land conflict related to wood exploitation on Qom lands persist. No further action is requested by the UA Network. Amnesty International sincerely thanks all who sent appeals”.

Bernarda herself says: “Thanks to Amnesty International for supporting me by issuing this Urgent Action that had an important impact in our struggle around this difficult time. We received a lot of solidarity actions and increased media presence. We will continue our fight in resistance to the company looking to own our lands”.

Letter writing does indeed work!